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Allan Morrison Esq. a partner in the law firm of Cooper & Dunham LLP, New York acting in concert with the law firm of MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. (formerly known as ROBERTS & PARTNERS) delivered a series of lectures in Sierra Leone in November 2004 to a number of target audiences including:

  • The Student and Academic Body at Fourah Bay College at the University of Sierra Leone
  • The Sierra Leone Bar Association,
  • The Student Body of the Law School of Sierra Leone,
  • The Law Society of the Faculty of Law and Social Services
  • The Student Body of the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences on biotechnology and pharmaceutical law particularly with respect to patents and contracts.

Allan Morrison, Esq. has an admirable list of publications and lectures to his credit and is a registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and a member of the American Bar Association and the American Intellectual Property Association.

This is the very first of its kind lecture ever to be organised in Sierra Leone. It is intended to be a variation of continuous legal education and the Firm of MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. acting in collaboration with any other entity and/or alone intends to regularly feature lectures of this in continuous professional education.

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