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In pursuit of Government’s drive to divest itself of its interests in companies and parastatals and conducting or meddling in business generally, the National Commission for Privatisation (NCP), a commission set by up by an Act of Parliament for this purpose, has been paving the way for the transformation of these interests to private sector investors.

The short title of the Act reads “being an Act to establish the National Commission for Privatisation to be responsible for the privatisation and reform of public enterprises; to amend certain laws relating to public enterprises; and to provide for other related matters.”

The composition of the commission is as follows;

  1. A Commissioner as Chairman,
  2. Executive Secretary of the Commission,
  3. Governor of the Central Bank,
  4. A representative from the Sierra Leone Labour Congress,
  5. A representative from the Institute of Chartered Accountants,
  6. A representative from the Sierra Leone Bar Association,
  7. A representative from the Sierra Leone Bankers Association,
  8. A representative from the Professional Engineers Association,
  9. A representative from the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture,
  10. A representative from the Sierra Leone Indigenous Business Association and
  11. A representative from the University of Sierra Leone.

The list of public enterprises for divestiture as contained in the First Schedule of the Act No.12 of 2002 is as follows:

FIRST SCHEDULE        (Section 2)


  1. Sierra Leone Housing Corporation
  2. Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board
  3. Mining and General Services Limited
  4. Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation
  5. Sierra Leone Postal Services Limited
  6. Sierra National Airlines
  7. Sierra Leone Telecommunications Company Limited
  8. Sierra Leone Airport Authority
  9. National Power Authority
  10. Sierra Leone Ports Authority
  11. Guma Valley Water Company
  12. Sierra Leone National Shipping Company Limited
  13. Forest Industries Corporation
  14. National Insurance Company Limited
  15. Sierra Leone State Lottery Company Limited
  16. Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Limited
  17. National Development Bank Limited
  18. Sierra Leone Roads Authority
  19. Rokel Commercial Bank Limited
  20. Seaboard West Africa
  21. Sierra Leone Daily Mail
  22. National Workshop
  23. Government Printing Department
  24. Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service.

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