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Roland Kamara Esq., one of the Associates in the Firm of Macauley, Bangura & Co (Barristers-at-Law, Solicitors, Legal and Business Consultants) has recently been appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission of Sierra Leone to serve on the junior Bench as a magistrate in the Judiciary of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Roland Kamara Esq. joined the Firm in September 2009 as a pupil barrister under the tutelage of the Managing Partner and Head of Chambers Centus Macauley Esq. He is a product of the Albert Academy school. On completing his secondary schooling at the Albert Academy School, he entered the University of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College in 1999 where he pursued the Bachelor of Arts degree program with Honours before moving onto the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. At the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences he distinguished himself and obtained the Bachelors of Law with Honours. It was at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences that he first caught the eye of the Managing Partner and Head of Chambers during his sojourning as a Lecturer of Law (part time) at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

On completing the Bar Exams in July 2009 he was brought into the Firm as a paralegal even before the result was out and later as a pupil barrister after the result was published. He was an exemplary pupil barrister and continued in that stead as an Associate after signing the permanent Roll of Barristers and Solicitors.

Roland Kamara Esq. follows in the footsteps of Justice Emmanuel Ekundayo Roberts, Justice of the Court of Appeal one of the Courts of the Superior Judicature of the Republic of Sierra Leone and who was formerly the Senior Partner of the Firm. Although he will be missed, we nonetheless wish him the very best.

Dated the 31st day of May 2011

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